120 Pupils crammed into a class in Dlamani High School

120 Pupils crammed into a class in Dlamani High School in Malamulele Limpopo

DLAMANI High School must be one of the most over crowded schools in Limpopo, probably in all of of South Africa!

In one of the classrooms, there are 120 pupils in one class, and according to the pupil teacher ratio, there shouldn’t be more than 40 pupils per classroom.

But given the state of education in South Africa in certain provinces, this is not a surprise, especially given the fact that some students don’t even have classrooms to use, and have to learn outside.

Dlamani High School is in Nyavani Village, just outside Malamulele (which is less than hour from Giyani). The school is said to have only 15 classrooms, for 1110 pupils, hence some classes are seriously overcrowded.

One teacher said it was difficult to teach. “It’s not easy to get pupils’ attention or deal with them individually. We are forced to have extra lessons on weekends. We came to realise that if we don’t give extra lessons on weekends, the pupils would fail in a big way.”

The teacher went on to explain that the overcrowding in the school is not a new issue, that it dates back years and years . . . 9 years to be exact.

“We have reported it to the department countless times and are given empty promises all the time. They promised to build us extra classes but to date, nothing materialised. We once again are appealing to the government to help us before the future of our pupils is destroyed,” the teacher explained.

Grade 8 pupil Vroy Maluleke said going to Dlamani for school is no fun. “I’m not happy because there isn’t enough space for us to learn. Sometimes I think of staying home but my parents refuse. Please Daily Sun, tell the government to build us extra classes so we can learn properly like other children in other provinces.”

Limpopo education spokesperson Naledzani Rasila responded to the dire situation about the school: “We are aware we have a shortage of infrastructure in some schools in the province.

“But the department is continuously delivering in terms of refurbishing and building state of the art schools. Unfortunately, we are working within available resources which are limited, compared to the demand we have in the province.”

Source: Daily Sun, Pic cred: Mzamani Mathye


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