3 Tips to Healthy and Stronger Nails

3 Tips to Healthy and Stronger Nails


Are you one of those people, whose nails are always breaking, and you want them to be stronger and break less? Well, you are at the right place, because I am going to give you 3 tips on making your nails stronger.


Here is what you can do:

Start buffing your nails every month . . . you can get away with doing it once a month, but twice is even better. It will help improve the circulation of the nail bed, and it will give you smoother and more even nails. Ridges are points of weakness for nails, and that’s where they mostly break, so you want to avoid that.


File your nails – Some people prefer cutting their nails, but if you are cutting nails that are already weak and break easily, it will just make them break even more. Instead of cutting the nails, file them instead and watch the difference.


Improve circulation of the nail bed – You can improve circulation by massaging the base of each one of your nails. This is not even time consuming,  30 seconds is adequate for each nail.


Just following these 3 tips is a great way to make sure that your nails do not break too much. One other thing you can do to start taking care of your nails and yourself better, is by checking out www.buyavonsa.co.za where you can buy Avon products online. Bow and again, you should pamper yourself, its totally allowed to do that.


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