Attorney Connect – Attorney Directory in South Africa

What is Attorney Connect?


Attorney Connect is what has been keeping me busy this last couple of days.


If you are curious, Attorney Connect is an attorney directory or platform that I am busy putting together, and I am super excited about this project.


As an SEO Expert in Johanesburg who services small to medium businesses, I want to do a little experiment and niche down on the kind of clients I want to work with. The whole thing with Attorney Connect was to build a platform for lawyers, attorneys and law firms, something that would kind of get me in the door so I can start having conversations with them about their websites and search engine optimization.


But Attorney Connect is much more than that, its a project that I am really excited about and can’t wait for it to take off.  More than anything, it’s going to be a hub for all things law . . . a place where the rest of us go to, to search for an attorney, but also to learn and get tips about our rights, for example what to if you get evicted out of your home, or what to do when you are getting a divorce and all sorts of things.


Also, there is a lot of seo benefits locally, when it comes to niche high quality business directories, and this platform is also about that. We want to build a platform that local law firms and attorrneys can list and have their online visibility boosted, without breaking the bank.


Ultimately, we want to connect with law firms and attorneys that are looking for search engine optimization services from reputable companies, services that work but are reliable.


In essence, I am looking for 10 to 20 law firms to work with, who are looking to get in the top of the search engines, and are looking to pay super affordable amount of money. If you know anyone, tell them to get in touch with me. This deal is only available in 2018 only.


We are launching our Lawyer SEO Services over at SEOlogist and we can’t wait to get started.


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