Benny Mayengani – Vitanani Fire Brigade

Benny Mayengani released his latest album Vitanani Fire Brigade


Benny Mayengani, undoubtedly the most impactful Tsonga artist of this generation has dropped his latest album, Vitanani Fire Brigade.

Ikhale ti fan ti yi yimerile, after months and months ya kuva Benny ava naveta yona.

Vitanani Fire Brigade is fire . . .  check the tracklist below

  1. Swendlekile ft. PrinceRangane
  2. Vata Xikuma
  3. Maphalle
  4. Nkunzi Ya Mananga
  5. Satisfaction
  6. Madlaya Hi Swakwe
  7. Vaka Baloyi
  8. Go Benny Go
  9. Hondo
  10. Zulu
  11. Xalati
  12. Nghoma Ya Rirhandzu
  13. Na Kombela (Remix)


Guys, let support our own. Go out and get the album and let us know your favorite tracks #vitananifirebrigade #bennymayengani

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