Check out Moses Ngobeni’s homemade car

Moses Ngobeni’s homemade sports car

Today, we celebrate Moses Ngobeni, who built his own sports car that is now ready to be on the road.

check-out-moses-ngobenis-homemade-carMoses Ngobeni hails from Giyani, Limpopo, and for three years, he put together parts of his car and built it. Today, the car is complete . . .

The car is a two seater, which is powered by BMW, the 318is engine.

Since he started building his car, the public had never really seen it, until last week, when the car had to go to Venda, to get registered.

Because the car couldn’t be driven without all the right documentation and registration, Moses had to have the car towed. The guy he got to take the car to Venda was super impressed when he saw what Moses had built, he took pics of the car and posted them on Facebook.

That’s when Mzansi found out about Moses’s car, because the post went viral on Facebook.

“Within an hour of those pictures going online I received several calls from strangers including journalists who asked for interviews, but I turned them down because the car was not finished yet,” he said from his lavish home.

“I didn’t want to draw unnecessary attention. As an African, I know some people might get jealous and use ‘things’ to prevent this car from being completed.”

Moses has spent over R200 000 building his car, which he started in 2013. The car is impressive, and it boasts 2015 Nissan GTR Skyline tail-lights, a 2-litre engine of a BMW and Audi TT coupe lights.

The car can be started remotely, as it is connected to his cellphone. It is also has 18 inch wheels, airbags and a computer screen.

Now that his dream of building his own car came true, Moses Ngobeni wants to build a helicopter next!

Wow . . . inspiring! #DreamsComeTrue #NothingisImpossible



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  • Brilliant
    May 12, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    Happy for south African man to his own car #What you dream is more special in every one..

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