Minkondzo ya Tinghwazi: MT Khosa

mt-khosaHi Sunday 13 March, aka Munghana Lonene, they interviewed the great Mr MT Khosa.

He was interviewed aka Minkondzo ya Tinghwazi, and if you know MT Khosa, Mr Look Sharp as he is fondly known, you would know that it is fitting for him to be called nghwazi.

The shoe really fits.

The man is a legend, he gave his life to education and was instrumental in producing some of the most successful students to come out of Giyani  and beyond.

Today, his students thank him for the role that he has played in them becoming the successful people they are today. He is hailed as one of the very best educational leaders in Limpopo and beyond, and his contribution to education is unparalleled.

Very few people achieve what he has achieved, and it was great for him to share part of his journey. It takes an obscene amount of passion and determination to give what he has given and continues to give, and for that we salute him.

We salute the work that he has done, and we salute the contribution that he has made.

Instead of us telling you what the interview is about and what he shared, we are hoping to have the interview for you to listen to right here, so keep checking.

We will put it up for you as soon as we have it.

As for MT Khosa, we wish him the very best in all that he continues to do. We know he will Look Sharp in all he does!!


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