Mkhuseli Ciyo – Traveller and Adventure Photographer

Mkhuseli Ciyo: Travels and Adventure

Mkhuseli Ciyo  is a man who enjoys the luxuries of travel, and he loves capturing the beauty that he sees on his camera. He has done some extensive traveling, having travelled to more than 55 countries. Travel plus photography makes for a perfect combination and as an adventure photographer, he makes sure he captures the beautiful destinations that he travels to, everytime he has a chance. Places that most of us can only dream, I may add.

But don’t let his fun and adventure side fool you into thinking all he does is travel. No . . .

Mkhuseli Colin Ciyo is also a South African business man with over 20 years of experience in his field. He is passionate about strategy and operations management, internal auditing, forensic investigations and supply chain management. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Master of Business Administration degree, so he definitely has a wealth of knowledge in his chosen fields.

Mkhuseli Ciyo Areas of expertise are:

  • Public Sector & Private Sector Procurement Reforms
  • Demand Management, Acquisition Management, Contract Management & Performance Management
  • Public Sector Procurement (compliance, fraud, fraud/corruption prevention, PPPs & B-BBEE);
  • Contract Management & Training of Procurement Specialist ;
  • PFMA/MFMA / Treasury Regulations/Procurement Regulations or related compliance issues and policy implementation
  • Financial Accounting, Management Accounting & Asset Management
  • Internal Auditing & Forensic Investigations
  • General statutory compliance management & Project Management

He is super successful, works hard and enjoys a balanced life with his wife and family. Most of us can learn from his success, head on over to to learn more about his lifes work.


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