Musa Nkuna on 18 Years of Pursuing His dream

Musa Nkuna: 18 Years and 2 Suitcases Later on his Quest for his Dream

18 years ago I landed in Geneva with 2 suitcases: one with clothes and the other full of books and music scores, to pursue my 2nd Masters in Lausanne.

I haven’t looked back ever since and, I have, since then, made Europe my home and I feel privileged to travel on a German passport.

This month,  I celebrate God’s grace and mercy for keeping me and blessing me abundantly throughout these years. I think 85 opera roles and productions in Austria, Belgium, England,France, Greece, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, etc. are a milestone worth celebrating and being thankful for! I know that it’s through HIM that all these achievements have been possible!

I also thank Him for my best friend – my wife Tintswalo Nkuna – and our kids. I feel blessed beyond measure! What an amazingly amazing God we serve!

By Musa Nkuna

Pic Cred: http://jozistyle.joburg/jtmagicflute/#jp-carousel-7929

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