Pretire Platform – Recruitment Platform for Senior Executives

Recruitment Platform for Senior Executives

PRETIRE is a recruitment platform that connects experienced, high-calibre candidates to short-term roles and projects. The platform and app aims to keep the much needed skills in South Africa in the workforce by getting pre-retirees to stay in the job space and stay actively involved in keeping SA in a space where we can compete globally.

Think about it, people who reach their retirement ages have unparalleled skills and experience in their chosen fields, and when they retire, they take all that knowledge with them. Pretire instead keeps them active in short term projects, where they can teach the next generation and share their wealth of knowedge.

When you check out the Pretire platform, you can expect to see candidates that are CEO and CFO worthy, specialists and directors in their chosen fields. Businesses and companies that are looking for their level of skills and expertise can browse the platform to look at candidates and their level of experience. Business/companies can communicate with the candidates via the app, making it very easy to make contact.

Pretire has the cream of the crop, as each and every candidate that registers on the site is screened and approved by the Pretire team. The process of connecting businesses with senior executives is seamless via the platform, try it.

We spend most of our lives working, and when we reach the retirement age, it can be difficult for some to just sit “lazying” around when they are used to working. Most people are still quite active when they reach that retirement age of 65, and they stay keen to keep busy and keep working. They are the perfect candidates for the Pretire platform, because they can connect with businesses that need their skills and expertise.

What are you waiting for? Explore the Pretire recruitment platform today, head on over to and check it. Better yet, download the app from the Apple or Android stores for all your executive recruitment needs.


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